Over the last few years we’ve experienced quite a few NetSuite implementations and have helped a few move to a “Phase 2” implementation or added customizations for items such as “On the Water Inventory” or “Container Inventory” management. All in all, most companies have managed to move their use of NetSuite forward and have gained… Read More


What a genius idea! For Dummies book series tackles sales tax (repost from This is a great article from one of our partners – well worth the read Life lessons. They’re never ending. There’s the stuff that you’d like to learn like paddle boarding, pasta rolling, conversational Spanish, and there’s the stuff that you… Read More

Cloud computing spreads in India

BY ON 07/07/2014  Cloud computing is having a profound impact on India, where the innovative storage method is helping with the generation of products that people and businesses throughout the world are capitalizing on, according to a published report. The products of cloud computing companies in the subcontinent include workflow productions, helpdesk programs, big data services… Read More